Journalist, photo and video reporter, writer and director, let me present to you a scope of my work on my website. Specialized in political and cultural communication – I have a wide panel of technical and theoretical skills as well as a way to easily adapt to any situation, and to make the most of it. Communication, literature and images can help meliorate our world; if they are used wisely. Autonomous, curious, dynamic and versatile, I am hardworking and stimulated by everything I put my mind into.

Julié Bé

Portrait by Scan Art, Paris, 2015.

“Could we appreciate the beauty of an image as much, without the strength of words to express it?!?”

Engaged socially and ecologically, I am a very open person, who loves team work, as much as suggesting personal initiatives. Organized and meticulous in my job I thrive in unknown territories. Professional and full of resources, I also have excellent written and verbal communication skills and I speak fluent French, English and Spanish. Hyperactive? Yes, I must confess. My creative mind doesn’t give me a lot of time to rest. Versatility and good energy are, in my opinion, two great abilities to comprehend such heterogeneous fields as communication and audiovisual.